We are a group of enthusiasts, professionals and experts who deal with competent and scientific restoration of Land Rover vehicles.
We remain faithful to its true essence, its firmness, its convenience and its functionality, to return to you a vehicle able to take you to the edge of the world.
This is our mission: preserving and enhancing this simplicity through an accurate restoration of a vehicle which has already been improved and refined over 68 years of history.

  • Alessandro Squarzi
    Alessandro Squarzi
  • Luca Sesani
    Luca Sesani
  • Marco Macori
    Marco Macori


Vehicle Research

Our team scours the whole Europe to identify the most beautiful and suitable Land Rover’s to activate the process of renovation, after careful examination not only based on mechanics but also considering identification code, documentation and structural integrity.

"Your Land Rover Renaissance"

Reviving a Land Rover, which has rested for years, is for us true reason of joy. After being carefully checked and assessed, the vehicle will be acquired from our Factory Land and put into dry storage waiting its turn to enter our restoration program.

Manufacturing and Production

First of all, our professionals will “undress” your Land Rover to begin the long process of restoraration. The car will be revived to look exactly as new, thanks to a careful restoration, accurate in every single step (châssis, electrical components, hydraulic circuits, suspensions, axles, exhaust system, shafts, transmission, steering, brakes, painting and interiors) ensuring an excellent quality of the finish.

Drive Test

No Land Rover will leave our Factory Land without being completely safe, reliable and in accordance with our standards.

Photo Shoot

Every Land Rover will be photographed at the time of purchase, during restoration and at work carried out. You will be kept to date through updated newsletters, all phases of restoration will be filmed and photographed and you will be provided a digital photo book in order to personally check out the complete process of restoration.


Factory Land will organize and manage the whole procedure of dispatch/export to ensure a stress-free process to its customers.


Once passed the all the tests at import and customs regulation, you can welcome your new Land Rover. Factory Land also offers the security of a 12 months’ warranty.